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Quotes From Courtroom Sentencing Hearing

A serial rapist who attacked women across the metro area was sentenced to 327.5 years to life in prison on Friday.

Marc O'Leary pleaded guilty in court in October to raping four women in Colorado.

O'Leary was charged in four sex assaults in Aurora, Golden, Lakewood and Westminster. The charges included sexual assault, burglary, aggravated robbery, assault, menacing with a deadly weapon and kidnapping.

Read about the testimony in court:

Marc O'Leary walked into court today wearing a black polo shirt and shackles. He raised his eyebrows at his attorneys before he sat down.

Because of the shackles on O'Leary's hands and feet, a lawyer had to push O'Leary's chair up to the defendant's table.

The lawyer poured O'Leary a drink, and they exchanged just a few words before the proceedings started.


The hearing began with prosecutors. They wanted O'Leary classified as a Sexually Violent Predator.

Then the prosecutor started talking about the case, the sentence and the victims.

Prosecutors want O'Leary sentenced to 294 years to life.

"We don't throw out that number lightly," said the prosecutor. "We're asking this court to fashion a sentence that ensures that this defendant never, ever gets out of prison."

"[This case] is about women who were abused, who were held captive, who were assaulted in ways unimaginable," the prosecutor said. "What was done to these women was unconscionable. It defies; it is one of the scariest cases ever to come before this judicial district."

The prosecutor said O'Leary led a double life.

"He had a loving family, served time in military, was given opportunity to go to school, but instead he sought out evil," the prosecutor said.

Prosecutors said they submitted pictures to the court on Thursday of the victims in Golden and Westminster and a woman in Washington state that he is accused of raping.

"I ask this court to look at the face of those victims, the pain, and the torture they went through," the prosecutor said. "The facts of this case require a maximum sentence."

"It was the defendant's position that he was allowed to have sex with whoever he wanted to," prosecutors said in court. "He was a predator. He preyed on his victims; he stalked them. Then he kept his trophies; he kept photographs of these assaults as his trophies."

Washington State Assaults

O'Leary is charged in two sex assaults in Washington state before he moved to Colorado in 2009.

Prosecutors said the attacks happened while O'Leary was serving in the U.S. Army Reserves in Washington state.

The assaults happened Aug 11, 2008 and Oct. 6, 2008.

The victim in the first case was actually charged with false reporting.

"In this particular case, because this assault, these assaults were so scary, and quite frankly so out there, that this victim in Washington was not believed," prosecutors said. "In fact, she was charged with false reporting and pleaded guilty."

O'Leary was discharged in Sept. 2009 with "other-than-honorable conditions" according to his discharge papers, prosecutors said.

O'Leary then moved to Colorado.

Colorado Assaults

Prosecutors said that on Oct 4, 2009, at 2:30 a.m. the defendant committed his first known assault in Colorado. This time in Aurora.

He broke into the 65-year-old woman's home, he straddled her back, removed her curlers and threatened her with a gun, the prosecutor said.

Prosecutors said the defendant stated to the victim, "I'm not going to hurt her, but I'm going to rape you."

"Apparently the defendant doesn't believe that rape is a violent, harmful act," prosecutors said.

[Editor's note: While prosecutors went into extensive detail about the assault in court, we are not sharing that information.]

"We found this victim's name on the defendant's computer," prosecutors said. "There were maps on his computer of the area where this victim resided."

Woman Escapes Attack In Lakewood

On July 6, 2010, a woman in Lakewood was attacked, prosecutors said.

In this case, the victim was awakened similarly to the victim in Aurora. She was tied up and threatened with a knife, prosecutors said.

"This particular victim would refer to herself as a victor," prosecutors said. "She fought. She was not going to allow this defendant to assault her."

She dove out of a window, and despite substantial injuries that left her in the hospital for three weeks, she managed to run for help.

"She is a victor, as all of these victims are," prosecutors said.

Woman Attacked In Westminster

"Frustrated by his unsuccessful assault in Lakewood, he soon thereafter assaults the victim in Westminster," prosecutors said.

The victim was once again awakened, attacked and threatened with a gun, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said during the assault the defendant told her, "You left your window open."

The defendant took pictures during the assault that lasted more than three hours, prosecutors said.

After Attack, Defendant Runs Errands

On the same day the woman was attacked in Westminster, the defendant bought a handgun and went to the DMV to get a driver's license, prosecutors said.

"That is a man who has no conscious, that can simply go on and run his errands," prosecutors said.

Woman Attacked In Golden

"The victim in Golden had some habits in terms of when she went to bed, what TV shows she watched, when she watched them. The defendant knew everything about her," prosecutors said.

"[On Jan. 5, 2011] he waited and watched her until she feel asleep, until she she was vulnerable, until he could attack her," prosecutors said. "If that's not a predator, what is?"

"He bound her with a black silk band that she recognized as her own, that was missing several weeks prior," prosecutors said. "The defendant had broken into her apartment previously and removed items."

Prosecutors said the defendant used a pink camera to take pictures of the assault, a camera that had been stolen from the victim in Westminster.

The Sentence

After hearing hours of testimony on Friday, the judge sentenced O'Leary to more than 327.5 years to life in prison.

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