New list shows what each state is the worst at in the country

DENVER - It might not be something we're proud of, but each state is the worst at something.

Though some states are bad at trivial things, such as Washington, which is the worst at liking Justin Bieber, others signal larger societal issues, such as Alabama, which has the most child smokers.

The list, compiled by Kate Peregrina with the, is based on various statistics and reports.

And if you were wondering where Colorado stacks up, the Centennial State apparently takes top honors for the greatest amount of cocaine use. That's based on surveys from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

While our neighbors in Kansas have the ugliest scenery and Utah is the nerdiest, two more adjacent states have some morbid claims to fame, with New Mexico being known for the most accidental deaths and Wyoming being recognized as having the highest suicide rate.

Other states are listed as having the most meth incidents, the worst drivers, the least animal protection and the least integrity.

See the full list of what states are the worst at in the country.

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