MUST SEE: Senior citizen makes great catch at Chicago Cubs-Milwaukee Brewers game

CHICAGO - A great catch at the Milwaukee Brewers-Chicago Cubs game Monday, but it wasn't made by one of the players, it was made by a senior citizen in the crowd.

The Cubs fan, in the last row of the bleachers at Wrigley Field stood up and caught the home run ball just before it sailed over his head.

Another inch up in the air, and it appeared the 65-year-old fan would have gone over the railing.

What you don't see in the video is that he tossed a ball back. Not THE home run ball, but another ball he had with him.

The man told the ball he threw back on the field was one his dog plays with.

The man also told he played softball for 31 years, starring at first base and in left field.

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