Is Denmark's Sky Tower world's most terrifying ride? Those who survive get an 'I Did It' pin

Looking for a ride that offers the thrill of a "real free fall" from a 130-foot tower that's scientifically proven to be dangerous?

The Sky Tower located at the Tivoli Friheden theme park in Denmark offers its riders the experience of falling 100 feet at speeds of around 55 mph with nothing but a net to catch them.

Riders must be at least 14 years old and weigh between 110 and 265 pounds.

According to Gizmodo, a researcher studying near-death experiences actually used one of these Suspended Catch Air Devices (or SCADS) to simulate them, which resulted in serious injuries to a number of riders who landed badly.

For those who survive the ride, the park's website says they earn an "I Did It" pin and become "a member of a very exclusive circle of daredevils."

If you choose not to experience 4G sensations -- roughly your body weight multiplied by 4.0 -- as you plummet down into a net, the park says you can also just take the lift to the top and enjoy the view.

Watch video of the ride in action: (Note, you may want to hit mute on your computer due to some offensive language.)

Another view of the ride's free fall:

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