Fort Collins' Odell Brewing Co. mistakenly filled Lager cans with water, company says

Posted at 2:46 PM, May 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-05 17:56:31-04

DENVER – A Colorado craft brewing company has some news for Fort Collins residents.

“Hello Larimer County,” reads the Friday evening statement from Odell Brewing Co., “We inadvertently filled a small amount of 16oz Colorado Lager cans with water.”

Not a big sin, considering people say Coors tastes a lot like water these days (I wouldn’t know, I don’t drink beer).

In any case, Odell wants to make it right – they don’t say how, but they still want to make it up to beer drinkers.

So, if you own have an Odell Brewing beer can in the fridge with a stamped date code between 8/11/18 20:00 through 8/11/18 21:00, the company asks that you email them a photo of the product so they can take care of it.

People on social media were joking about the mistake.

“Funny, Coors does this every day!” Twitter user @ISeeBigfoot wrote. “Damn, I wonder if Budwesier is going  to do the same thing for all the beer they have canned over the last decade,” tweeted @that1guyjustn.