Caught on cam: Cheesman Park cat stuck in tree falls 40 feet and survives

Posted at 6:34 PM, Mar 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-23 20:52:42-04

DENVER – A cat stuck in a tree at Cheesman Park for several days may have just used one of his nine lives after falling 40 feet into the ground Friday afternoon.  

The feline flounder started earlier this week, when a Denver7 viewer made us aware that an orange cat had been stuck in a tree on the north side of Cheesman Park near the exit to Gilpin Street since approximately Tuesday.

The viewer explained Thursday she called the Denver Fire Department who told her they “do not do cat rescues anymore.” She also said she called Denver Parks and Recreation officials, who told her they wouldn't do anything about the cat either.

The cat was left to its own devices through the night and into Friday afternoon, even as winds were picking up around the metro.

Efforts to coax it to come down did not help, as the cat looked down comfortably from his new throne at the humans who were just trying to provide a little relief.

Neighbors were so concerned, in fact, they even reached out to an arborist company to come rescue the feline. And get this – a GoFundMe page was also set up Friday to collect money so they could all pay for the rescue.

It wasn't until just before 3 p.m. that an effort to finally get the cat down from the tree came to fruition.

Well… sort of.

During the attempted rescue, the cat ended up in some branches that swayed up and down because of the wind, causing it to eventually fall 40 feet into the ground. Somehow, the cat survived the fall and hid in an apartment complex nearby before ending up beneath a car.

As rescuers were trying to bring him to safety again, the cat ran away and climbed up another tree before he was rescued a second time. You can watch video of the rescue below:

WARNING: The following video could be upsetting to some. Viewer discretion is advised

A neighbor in the area took the feline to the VCA Firehouse Animal Hospital on E. 6th Avenue, where veterinarians said the cat suffered no injuries.

The cat was given fluids and is eating a lot, according to a woman who spoke with Denver7. He is expected to go to a foster home for now.