Bryan Wilson 'Texas Law Hawk' is totally Texas and we love it

"Texas" is slang for "crazy" in Norway and we think we figured out why.

Bryan Wilson, the "Texas Law Hawk," is totally Texas - and we love it. 

His commercials are somewhere between "Reno 911" and every Steven Segal movie ever made. They're so awesomely bad, we thought they were too good to be true - but Wilson is, in fact, a real lawyer

"Loud and proud" of his Texas roots, Wilson's extensive use of American flags and screeching hawks could make Stephen Colbert cry tears of joy.

Wilson does wheelies on a minibike, snatches a fish out of a stream, kicks down a door and even jumps out of a moving SUV in an amazing new series of ads.

Police know they're about to face the "talons of justice" when Wilson busts in like the Kool-Aid man shouting, "Did someone call me?!"

His ads might be the loudest, wildest thing on TV - and they're making headlines as far away as Germany. (Das ist der wohl verrückteste Anwalt der USA = This is the craziest lawyer in the USA)

"Commercial 3" has been viewed nearly a million times since it was posted on Oct. 20.

Wilson graduated from Texas Tech University School of Law and practices in Fort Worth, according to his website.

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