Train Accident Survivor Thanks Her Rescuers

Anna Beninati, 18, Lost Her Legs In 'Train Hopping' Accident

Four months later, the images are hard to shake for 18-year-old Anna Beninati.

"I witnessed the whole entire thing," Beninati told the Longmont Times-Call. "I have a vivid memory of the whole thing."

It was Labor Day weekend 2011 when Beninati and her friends went train hopping in Longmont. The trip ended with both of her legs being severed in a missed attempt to jump on a train.

"My left leg was dragging on the ground and I ended up bouncing on the rocks," she told the newspaper. "I got sucked in and next thing I remember, I was watching my legs get crushed."

On Friday, Beninati helped honor the people who save her life during the annual Longmont Fire Awards Ceremony.

She helped give awards to the people who came to her rescue, including a nurse, Kathy Poiry, who was driving by when saw the accident happening.

"It was just strange and surreal to walk up to something like that," Poiry told 7NEWS on Sunday.

As a special gift, each of the good Samaritans were given an autographed photo of Beninati doing adaptive skiing. The picture shows the determination that's helped Beninati get through her ordeal.

"It was just such an honor that she thought of us and was totally appreciative of everything," Poiry said.

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