Town Debates WTF (Welcome To Fruita) Slogan

Citizens Asked For Feedback On Slogan

The city of Fruita is debating whether to use the letters, WTF, with the phrase "Welcome to Fruita," in new ads.

A couple in Fruita made 500 stickers with the phrase and gave them away at downtown businesses.

That got some people thinking it could become part of Fruita's marketing campaign, but not everyone likes the idea.

"I can understand the need for creativeness. But my feeling is if they’re creative enough to come up with WTF, they’re creative enough to come up with something that doesn’t insult the sensitivities of people," Fruita Mayor Ken Henry told the Grand Junction Sentinel.

"I want a hat (with WTF on it). It’s edgy. It grabs people’s attention, particularly people who think about things," Councilman Bruce Bonar told the newspaper.

While city officials don't agree, the city of Fruita's website is asking the public for its input.

The couple that created the first 500 stickers have ordered 1,500 more.

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