Tow Truck Driver Dragged, Killed When Leg Caught In Cable

Woman's SUV Was Towed After Being Illegally Parked

The co-owner of a tow truck company was killed Wednesday when he was dragged behind by a vehicle he was trying to tow.

Witnesses said the tow truck driver was in the process of towing an illegally parked sport utility vehicle when the female owner of the vehicle jumped into the SUV and took off. Initial reports had said the woman jumped into the tow truck, but police corrected that to say she drove off in the SUV.

Witnesses said the victim's leg was caught in a tow cable that was attached to the SUV. Witnesses said they ran after the woman to try to get her to stop.

The tow truck driver was dragged for more than a mile before both of his legs were severed.

The SUV was found parked in a nearby neighborhood and police were interviewing several witnesses. Police are still interviewing the female driver. She has not been arrested. It's not clear if she knew that the driver was being dragged behind her SUV when she took off.

The victim's company, J&J Towing, identified the victim Wednesday night as Allen Rose, 35, a married father of two and an Iraq War veteran who served multiple tours.

The incident started at the Hill Park Apartments in the 300 block of N. Murray Blvd. in Colorado Springs. Rose's body was found at Babcock Road and Platte Avenue.

Police said the crime scene stretched for 1.2 miles, containing blood and other evidence of the dragging.

Several streets in the area were closed through the evening rush hour while police documented evidence.

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