TMZ: Victim's Family Hires Casey Anthony Lawyer

Jose Baez To Represent Family Of Single Mom Rebecca Wingo

The family of one of the victims of the Aurora theater shooting has hired the attorney who led Casey Anthony's defense team.

Attorney Jose Baez is now representing Shirley Wygal, the mother of Rebecca Wingo, according to TMZ.

Baez is a defense attorney in Florida. He successfully defended Casey Anthony against charges that she killed her own daughter.

Baez told CNN he is talking to several families about representing them.

Wygal told CNN that she thinks the theater's emergency exit doors should have been alarmed.

"If any entity had an obligation to protect the innocent and did not, then every survivor and loved one left behind must hold them accountable. The first step is a timely and thorough investigation," Wygal told TMZ.

Wingo, 32, was the mother of two. She served in the Air Force, where she became fluent in Mandarin Chinese, and served as a translator. She had worked at Joe's Crab Shack in Aurora, but had recently gotten a job at Schryver Medical.

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