Ticket scalpers taking advantage of cheap Rockies seats

Call7 Undercover Investigation Shows Police Rarely Make Scalping Arrests

DENVER - They’re supposed to be tickets for the most die-hard Rockies fans who can’t afford the more expensive seats. But the Call7 Investigators found ticket scalpers purchasing “Rockpile Seats” for their own personal gain.

Rockpile tickets are the cheapest seats at Coors Field -- just $4 each at the ticket counter. Rockies employees say the tickets consistently sell out at the box office.

But the ticket counter isn’t the only place selling these sought-after seats. The Call7 Investigators went undercover to capture a ticket-selling scheme just feet away from the counter.

Before the ticket office even opened, our undercover cameras spotted a man and his three associates lined up to buy four Rockpile tickets each – the maximum allowed per person. We watched the man in the jacket collect and pay the other men for buying him tickets. But instead of going to the game, the man in the jacket hit the streets to scalp the tickets.

We approached the man to see how much he was asking for the tickets. He sold us two Rockpile seats for $10 each.

In Denver, selling a ticket for even a penny higher than face value is a crime. But the ticket scalper we spotted didn’t hesitate to double the price.

Call7 Investigator Keli Rabon went back to the seller questions, but instead of explaining, he just ran away.

Denver police officers stood just across the street with no intentions of investigating the apparently illegal sale. Rabon asked the officers what they were going to do about it, but they shrugged their shoulders and said they were just working security at the gate.

The lack of enforcement leaves scalpers like the one we found to run free. The Call7 Investigators went back to the next two Rockies game, and saw the same man buying and selling the Rockpile tickets before both games.

No one was arrested for ticket scalping the days we visited Coors Field. We’ve learned Denver Police have only written 39 ticket scalping citations at Coors Field since January 1, 2010. DPD says it occasionally works undercover to curb ticket scalping, but not every game

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