Three Dozen Members Of Notorious Gang Arrested

Police Say Gallant Knights Insane Gang Distributed Cocaine

Authorities say 35 gang members will no longer terrorize the metro area after a gang round-up Monday.

Four hundred local officers, deputies, and federal agents hit the streets Monday searching for members of the street gang called Gallant Knights Insane.

The GKI's have been in Denver since the mid-1980s but police say that within the last two years the gang ratcheted up the violence while distributing crack cocaine.

"The unique part about this group is the intelligence and behaviors that were involved ... repeatedly involved violence. They were often armed during commission of these crimes," said Lt. Jim Welton with the Metro Gang Task Force.

Thirty-five people were arrested or charged federally. They face anywhere from 10 years to life in prison.

"The main message we want to get out today is that this metro area will not tolereate this type of violent gang activity," said Michael Battista, deputy chief of the Denver police.

Four men allegedly involved in the gang remain at large.

Officers and agents say Monday's roundup is only the beginning. Once they're done with the GKIs, they will then move onto another gang.

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