Thieves Swipe Campaign Signs In Longmont

Homeowner: Surveillance Camera Captured Man Doing 'Rain Dance' On Yard Sign

Take campaign yard signs inside before you go to bed at night, and put them back outside in the morning.

That's the advice that Longmont Mayor Bryan Baum and City Council candidates Heath Carroll and Brian Bagley say they're giving to supporters after dozens of campaign signs have been stolen from yards, according to the Longmont Times-Call.

Baum, who's seeking re-election as mayor, estimated that between 30 and 50 of his campaign signs have been stolen throughout Longmont, the newspaper reported. Many of the signs were snatched from private properties along Terry and Pratt streets and Carolina Avenue.

Carroll, one of the candidates for an at-large council seat, said at least 25 of his signs vanished, mostly from downtown properties.

Longmont Police Cmdr. Jeff Satur told the Times-Call that he found no reports of campaign-sign thefts going back three years in the police dispatch computer database.

However, he said police are investigating a case in which a security camera captured a man vandalizing a campaign sign Saturday in the front yard of Richard Yale's home on Baker Street.

Yale said the camera showed a man rip a Bagley campaign sign out of his lawn and do "a little rain dance on it" before leaving the sign and taking off, according to the Times-Call.

"It was just about as blatant as it gets," Yale told the newspaper.

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