Theft Victim Uses Apps To Help Police Make Arrest

Phone, Other Items Taken From Locker At North Boulder Rec Center

A man on vacation in Colorado used two different apps on his iPhone to help police arrest a theft suspect.

Police said Hugh Huffaker told them that he left his cellphone and several other items in an unlocked locker at the North Boulder Recreation Center on Monday. When he returned to get them, they were gone, Huffaker said.

Huffaker used a special GPS tracking app through the Internet to see that his cellphone was at the Boulder Public Library, police said.

Huffaker told police his friends went to the library. Once they were there, Huffakern used a second app to make the phone give off an alarm sound, helping his friends find the suspect.

Huffaker's friends held the suspect until officers arrived.

Officers said they arrested a homeless man, John Millhiser, on suspicion of theft and burglary.

Huffaker told 7NEWS he got the apps to help him find his phone, not for security reasons, but because he often misplaces it.

The app is called Find My iPhone.

Officers said they gave Huffaker back his iPhone, credit cards and shorts.

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