Theater Shooting Victim Describes Harrowing Ordeal

McKayla Hicks Shot In Mouth

A survivor of the Aurora theater massacre, one of dozens of people injured, calmly described her injuries Saturday, seemingly numb to what had happened.

McKayla Hicks, 17, still has part of a bullet in her chin, reported 7NEWS' Lindsey Sablan.

"I saw my tooth, and I was freaking out," Hicks said. "Tons of blood, and I remembered I have an orthodontist appointment."

Being shot was almost unimaginable for Hicks, but reality hit, and she soon realized she had been shot.

"I'm pretty sure it shattered my gums, knocked out a tooth, moved this tooth and just landed down here in my chin," Hicks said.

Hicks wasn't immediately sure what happened until she heard someone say there was a shooter.

Less than two days later, Hicks seems at peace, but family and friends said that's her nature.

"I hope it doesn't hit me later. I told Lori I felt pretty calm the whole time," she said.

Hicks will undergo surgery, but doctors are leaving the bullet in for now, because removing it would do more damage.

Hicks has found a way to stay positive.

"It's a pretty good souvenir I got, I think," she said. "It's a weird feeling. It's just real shocking."

Hicks isn't yet sure when she will have surgery, but she said her bottom front teeth will have to be replaced.

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