Theater Shooting Suspect Called 'Mediocre' Student

Former Supervisor Says Holmes "Didn't Belong At Salk"

In his hometown of San Diego, there are mixed reports about movie theater shooting suspect James Holmes.

He had high marks and accolades in school and earned a bachelor's degree in neuroscience from the University of California Riverside, before heading to the University of Colorado at Denver.

But before that, in 2006, Holmes earned himself a spot in a prestigious internship program in California. Holmes took part in a seven-week science camp at the Salk Institute's Computational Neurobiology Laboratory.

Graduate student John Jacobson was Holmes' supervisor. He called Holmes a "mediocre" student who "didn't belong at Salk."

Senior Pastor Jerald Borgie of Penasquitos Lutheran Church disagrees. He said James had a plan for his life.

"He was a little bit on the quiet side," said Borgie. "In one-on-one conversations, it was obvious he was an intelligent young man."

At the church where the Holmes family worshiped, parishioners offered their thoughts and prayers on two large paper banners.

"I assume something must have snapped but I don't know that," Pastor Borgie added. "This is just so absurd and so out of character from my understanding of this young man and the way he lived his life."

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