Theater Shooting Survivor Forgives, Despite Losing Foot

Adan Avila Was Shot Trying To Shield Wife

A life can be defined in a single moment, the moment an act of valor saves one person, and the moment it forever changes another.

"I was on the floor trying to shield my wife and that's when I felt pressure on my leg," said shooting survivor Adan Avila.

For Adan Avila, it has been a string of surreal moments after two bullets lodged in his shoulder and one blasted through his ankle when suspected gunman, James Holmes, opened fire at an Aurora theater last month.

Avila's wife wasn't physically hurt in the attack. Despite 12 surgeries, doctors couldn't salvage the infected tissue and were forced to amputate his foot.

"Right now they have me wearing this sock and it's gonna help me get rid of the swelling," said Avila while pointing to his bandage covered leg.

For everything he's been through, Avila says he's grounded in his faith. Through his faith, he's found forgiveness, and through forgiveness he can begin to heal.

"I forgive James Holmes. I don't think he should get the death penalty because what I really want for him is him to repent for his sins and that he can accept Jesus Christ as his Lord Savior," said Avila.

Avila told 7NEWS doctors say he's healing well and if all goes smoothly he should be fit for a prosthetic in six weeks.

Avila doesn't have medical insurance and doesn't know how he's going to pay his medical bills which are nearing $29,000.

The Adan Avila account has been set up at Wells Fargo Bank to help cover medical expenses.

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