Teen's Senior Pix Banned From Yearbook

Attire Violates Dress Code, Officials Say

A teenager said Durango High School is refusing to publish one of her senior photos in the yearbook.

Sydney Spies, 18, told the Durango Herald that administrators told her the senior portrait she submitted would not be printed in the yearbook because her attire in the photo violated dress code.

The newspaper said the high school requires that tops "fully cover the chest, back, abdomen and sides of the student."

The photo Spies submitted shows her wearing a yellow skirt with a black shawl that exposes her shoulders and midsection.

"We'll get the ACLU involved if they censor," said Sydney's mother, Miki Spies, on Facebook. "Don't say, 'Can't she just submit a different picture?' Censorship is wrong."

On Thursday evening, Miki Spies posted a longer comment on the controversy on her Facebook page:

"I wanted my daughter to chose a different photo but she is 18 and doesn't always listen! I knew this would be hard and it's proving to be. But when SHE chose this beautiful photo on my profile, I was 100% going to support her. Now that I know about Student Press Laws, I'm appalled that the administration disregarded the original vote by the student editors (4-0 in favor of Sydney Spies being able to use the photo) and got involved to overrule the photo. I guess word is spreading about this case all over the state and some people are talking about what a terrible mother I am. Some are upset at the administration is strong arming the students and some just think the picture is hot..."

Read more in the Durango Herald.

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