Teacher Takes Class To Occupy Denver Rally

St Mary's Academy Class Attended Friday Protest

A teacher who took her students to see Occupy Denver said she brought her class to see what was happening.

"We came to observe," said teacher Celia Bard when questioned by a blogger in a video posted on YouTube.

Bard and another teacher from St. Mary's Academy took 10 students on a field trip Friday, explained Academy President Deirdre Cryor.

"We have a class called 21st Century Challenges and Choices," said Cryor. "They're studying the current world. They went on a field trip to see Occupy Denver."

The students walked to Civic Center Park and interviewed police officers, then walked to a nearby hotel to observe Occupy Denver members, said Cryor.

That hotel was hosting a conference called BlogCon 11. There some Occupy Denver members got into a confrontation with some members of the blogging conference.

It was during that confrontation that cameras got turned on the students and their teacher.

In a video posted on YouTube, a woman is seen yelling and one of the students yells, "Yeah."

At that point, someone off camera starts yelling at the girls and arguing with them about bloggers and what they do.

"The students are in class today talking what happened on Friday," Cryor said Monday.

In one of the YouTube videos, Bard is asked if she is concerned about the students' physical safety.

"We're aware that we need to be safe," said Bard. "We want them to see the democratic process in action."

"They were never in harm's way," said Cryor. "They did nothing wrong. They were on a field trip, observing not demonstrating. They were learning, inquiring and taking notes."

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