Take A Look At Fugitives Arrested In Colorado

When three fugitive siblings wanted in connection with a crime spree in Florida and Georgia were captured Wednesday in Colorado, they were not the first out-of-state fugitives arrested in Colorado.

Possibly the most famous fugitives caught on the run in Colorado are the infamous Texas 7, seven men who escaped from a maximum security prison in Texas, then robbed a Radio Shack and a an Oshman's Sporting Goods Store before shooting a police officer and running him over. Irving Officer Aubrey Hawkins died at the hospital.

The group was found living in a motel and RV park in Woodland Park, Colo., after they were featured on an episode of "America's Most Wanted." Four of them were arrested at a nearby gas station on Jan. 21, 2001. A fifth member died during a police standoff. The last two members of the group were arrested at the Holiday Inn in Colorado Springs two days later, according to Wikipedia.

Also in 2001, authorities found another fugitive hiding out in Colorado. Michael Lund had been wanted for 23 years since the Coast Guard found $74 million in marijuana on Lund's racing boat in Seattle, Wash. Lund was arrested at a hotel in Denver. He had been a world champion skier three years before his arrest.

Maybe the most famous fugitive arrested in Colorado is Ted Bundy. The serial killer was in Aspen for a preliminary hearing in a murder case in 1977 when he escaped from the Pitkin County courthouse. After he was arrested again, he escaped from the Glenwood Springs jail. By the time jailers discovered that Bundy was missing, he was already in Chicago, according to Wikipedia. Bundy was eventually caught, put on trial and executed in 1989 in Florida.

In 2005, Brian Montez Booker was arrested at a relative's home in Aurora. He was wanted on charges of killing his stepson in Dallas and and kidnapping his own wife. She was found safe.

In 2005, the brother of polygamist religious leader Warren Jeffs was arrested in Pueblo after six months on the run. Seth Jeffs was wanted on charges of harboring and concealing his older brother from authorities.

In 2007, controversial Democratic Party fundraiser Norman Hsu was arrested at a hospital in Grand Junction. He was wanted in California. He was taken to the hospital after he got sick on an Amtrak train as it was passing through the Western Slope.

In 1979, Glenn Burton Ake, 24, and Steven Keith Hatch, 26, carried out a home invasion in rural Oklahoma, shooting four members of an Oklahoma family. The two parents died but the two children survived.

Two weeks later, they robbed and killed two surveyors in southeast Texas, stealing the car of one of the victims and driving it to northwest Colorado. Ake and Hatch were captured after they entered a rancher's home, intending to kill him. Instead, they shot his dog, got drunk and fell asleep.. The 64-year-old rancher was able to escape and call for help. The two were captured as they attempted to flee the home on foot.

Ake and Hatch ended up on death row. Hatch was executed but Ake's conviction was overturned, in a case that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Ake was found guilty during a new trial and is currently on Oklahoma's death row.

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