Suspect Claims To Be Globe-Trotting Teacher In Online Resumes

The American school teacher arrested for the killing of JonBenet Ramsey claimed to have a globe-trotting history of teaching assignments in online resumes he purportedly posted to seek work abroad giving English lessons.

The resumes of a John Karr were posted on at least two Web sites based in South Korea and Los Angeles. Before they were taken down, they appeared with the picture of a man who strongly resembles 41-year-old John Mark Karr, who appeared before reporters Thursday in Thailand a day after his arrest.

Karr admitted he was with JonBenet when she died in 1996 and claimed it was an accident, a breakthrough in a case that many thought would never be solved.

The resumes suggested Karr traveled the globe teaching as a private tutor and at schools in Europe, Asia and Central America the past several years, though none of the positions the resumes claim he held could be immediately verified.

One English-language institute where Karr's resume was posted removed it from its Web site Thursday in response to a reporter's query, citing concerns about bad publicity.

The Seoul-based GnB English institute said it never employed Karr and that the Web page on which he posted his resume was open for postings by anyone looking for teaching jobs.

"We have never even interviewed him," said Um Dae-jin, an official at GnB in Seoul.

The resume was posted June 22, 2005, and has a photo of Karr in a blue and yellow sweater crouching down at a table next to a young girl.

The posting says Karr worked in Seoul as an English teacher for children ages 6-12 and that duties included "conducting classes as the sole teacher in the classroom, making assignments and issuing grades."

No school name was given, and South Korean immigration officials declined to confirm if Karr had ever entered the country.

According to the site, Karr also worked as a volunteer English teacher at a school in Heemstede, Netherlands.

The resume also claims Karr was employed "in some of the most prestigious schools in the United States, working with children from high-profile families" between 1996 -- the year JonBenet was killed -- and 2001.

At a Los Angeles-based Web site for recruiting English teachers to serve abroad, a resume with Karr's name on it features the same photo as the Korean site and similar wording. No date of the posting is given, and the company running the site couldn't be immediately reached for comment.

The resume says Karr was in Asia from 2001-02 and lists additional teaching work from 2004-05 in Honduras. It also says Karr taught English to executives in Costa Rica.

The posting also says Karr worked as a private teacher and caregiver in Germany and the Netherlands, apparently for three families with young children from 2002-03.

The posting doesn't name the German cities where he worked but later mentions Munich and Stuttgart as places he had visited. Prosecutors in both of those cities said Thursday that they had no record of any investigation involving Karr.

The posting also boasts of travels to many other cities, including London; Paris; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Zurich, Switzerland; Milan, Italy; Osaka, Japan; Seoul, South Korea; Sydney, Australia; Singapore; Taipei, Taiwan; and Istanbul, Turkey.

In addition to teaching, the resume says Karr can play several unspecified musical instruments, that he writes poetry and also has acting ability.

From 1981-96, the resume says Karr ran a private rental business and restored Victorian mansions.

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