Survivors Of Big Thompson Flood Remember Devastating Night

Thirty years ago Monday the skies opened up and unleashed a massive thunderstorm that devastated the Big Thompson Canyon.

The flood stands as Colorado's greatest natural disaster.

Some of the survivors remembered the tragedy and only those who were there that night really know how different the waters were 30 years ago.

"It was a very long night. The river was eating towards the cabin," said flood survivor Rocky Craig. "The river was creating a new gully that was also eating towards the cabin."

The canyon flooded after a thunderstorm stalled, dropping 12 inches of rain in just four hours.

"I don't know anything about how my parents were lost," said survivor Julie Kronenberger. "I just remember spending a cold wet night on a side of a mountain and we came down the next morning and everything was different."

The final toll amounted to 144 people killed and 250 injured. Damages in today's dollars have been estimated at more than $115 million.

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