Supermoon: Yes, it does really look supersized Sunday

The moon is close in its orbit, appearing larger

DENVER - The moon is more than just the moon this weekend, it's super-sized.  Well, in appearance that is.  

In Denver, the moonrise is at 7:51pm Sunday which is the best time to see the supermoon -- when it is still near the horizon.  There will be a good deal of cloudcover around the area, but thankfully clouds will be decreasing through the evening.

Like the Earth's orbit around the sun, the moon's orbit around earth isn't perfectly circular -- it's elliptical. The moon will be closest to earth on Sunday.

Coincidentally, the moon will also be in its full phase.  So this Sunday's full moon will appear larger, and brighter than an average full moon. NASA says it will be 14% closer and 30% brighter than the average full moon.

We say it looks bigger, because we know the size of the moon isn't changing, but the distance to Earth does. During Sunday's supermoon, the Earth and moon will be 221,675 miles apart (versus 251,655 miles when furthest apart).

The next time the two will be this close is Sep 28, 2015.

This August full moon itself has several names: It’s the Sturgeon Moon, Green Corn Moon or the Grain Moon.

Technically the full moon occurs midday Sunday, mountain time, but for generalities you'll see the full moon the night of the 10th.


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