Study: 62% Of Office Workers Eat Lunch At Desk

Most Employees Say It Saves Time In Busy Day

For many people working an office job, lunchtime is spent in the company of a computer, phone and paper clips.

A recent study by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and Conagra Foods found that 62 percent of people with desk jobs usually eat lunch at their desks.

Jenny Beardsley wrote on our Facebook page, "I would rather be at the office for 8 hours straight, rather than 9 hours with a lunch break. I get more done if I know I can be home with my family sooner."

Larry Tobin told us "I bring my lunch and eat while I work … Gotta get my work done."

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Americans are striving to keep their jobs and get more done, Cynthia Fukami, a management professor at the University of Denver's Daniels College of Business told the Denver Post.

"It may look like you're getting more done, but eventually workers burn out, so breaks are good," Fukami said.

Most employers prefer workers take a lunch break for the sake of productivity (and workplace appearance).

But employees say the demands of the job sometimes force them to work through lunch. That and saving money were the two reasons most cited for eating at a desk, the study found.

Other workers wrote on our Facebook page that they can't image ever eating lunch at their desk.

"I would go crazy if I stayed at my desk," said Julie Kraft Estrada.

Information from the Denver Post,

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