Student: Columbine-Style Threats On Facebook A Joke

Palmer High School Not Allowed To Go To School On April 20

A Palmer High School student who made Columbine-style threats on Facebook was asked not to come to school on Wednesday, police said.

Wednesday was April 20, the 12th anniversary of the deadly shootings at Columbine High School near Littleton.

Palmer High School is in Colorado Springs, about 55 miles from Columbine High School.

Colorado Springs police officers said they heard about the threat on Tuesday.

Officers met with the student and his parents that night.

The student said the threats were meant as a joke and he apologized, according to police.

Officers said it was agreed that the student would not go to school on Wednesday.

As a precaution, the school resource officer and District 11 security officers increased security Wednesday, but nothing happened, police said.

School officials told KKTV that they have not decided on disciplinary action against the student.

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