Store gives kids the clothes they need for school

Volunteer is personal shopper for students

DENVER - What to wear to school? That can be a source of friction for kids and their parents, but it really causes a strain if there's no money for clothes.

7Everyday Hero Carol Gill is changing that. She is a volunteer personal shopper at Clothes to Kids of Denver.

"I like this store because it is very organized," said shopper Sandra Padilla.

"It's a wonderful shop where the children can come in and get a wardrobe for school," said Gill.

The store is designed for kids K-12 in the Denver Public School System who need some help with school clothes.

"They just get to shop like they are in a retail store and it doesn't cost them a thing," said Gill.

"There are no questions asked as to why they're need assistance or help. We're in tough economic time right now so everyone could use a little assistance," said Clothes to Kids of Denver co-founder Joyce Meyers.

Shoppers get a week's worth of clothes for each child and they can visit twice a year.

"It's wonderful. It's a lifesaver and it really helps because I’m raising my two nieces and nephews. I just love it," said Padilla.

Clothes to Kids of Denver is based on a similar project in Florida. It relies on donations of gently used and new clothing and on the generosity of volunteers.

"I am the only paid employee here, which is why we rely so much on volunteers like Carol," said Katie Jones, Program Director.

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