Wide-eyed Chipotle worker Marty Arps goes viral in photo with Mitt Romney

DENVER - The training manager of a Denver Chipotle restaurant has become an Internet celebrity thanks to his wide-eyed pose alongside Mitt Romney when the Republican presidential candidate stopped by for lunch.

Twenty-year-old Marty Arps struck the pose for a group photo with Romney and Chipotle employees Tuesday afternoon. Arps is seen making a wide-eyed expression while pointing at Romney.

The photo of Arps and his co-workers with Romney is being shared extensively Twitter and is making the rounds on websites.

Arps told The Daily he makes the expression when he's excited.

Arps said he doesn't know yet who he'll vote for, telling The Daily that he's "not too hip to elections and stuff."

Arps told 7NEWS he got a brief, but up-close-and-personal, sense of the Republican presidential nominee.

"I got a different outlook on him other than what the media portrays of him. It was very positive. He was nice. It was a pleasure," Arps said. "I'm still excited. It's was the whole 9 yards. The photographers were taking pictures and, of course, the security was here with him."

Romney ordered a pork burrito bowl with guacamole during the brief stop while he prepared for Wednesday's presidential debate in Denver.

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