State: Calculating Total Stimulus Jobs 'Tricky'

Tracking The Recovery Act Money, Jobs

As President Barack Obama pushes the new jobs bill, 7NEWS looked into how many jobs were created in Colorado by the first Recovery Act in 2009.

It turns out that number is not easy to find. In fact, the Colorado Governor's Recovery Act Office told 7NEWS the process is "tricky" and said they were "not comfortable coming up with that calculation."

We also found that the number of jobs which were created and then actually retained could not be calculated.

Part of the Federal Economic Recovery Act is accountability and reporting so the public can “track the money” on More than $5 billion Recovery Act dollars have been invested in Colorado.

Since there is no running total of jobs created, 7NEWS broke down the most recent data from April through June 2011.

During that time, 7,849 jobs were paid for with Recovery Act funding. During the same time frame 7NEWS found 265 projects that reported creating no jobs using $306,052,860 Recovery Act.

Although the Colorado Governor’s Recovery Act Office does not calculate the total number of jobs created, a report from the Council of Economic Advisors in 2010 estimated the Recovery Act impact in Colorado is about 50,000 jobs.

As for the new jobs bill, the White House told 7NEWS Colorado's share of the funding could total $265 million and would support up to 3,400 jobs.

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