Standoff With Foreclosed Homeowner Ends

Man Had Barricaded Doors, Deputies Say

Jefferson County sheriff's deputies have arrested a man they said refused to leave his home that was sold at foreclosure.

The standoff started around 9 a.m. Tuesday in the 5300 block of South Zinnia Court in Littleton. The SWAT team and deputies arrested the former homeowner, David Lee Rothe, around 1 p.m.

The Sheriff's Office told 7NEWS it had a court order to evict Rothe Nov. 4, but Rothe got a stay from the court delaying the eviction.

The new homeowner appealed the stay and got a new order of eviction Monday. When deputies arrived to evict Rothe on Tuesday, he refused to go.

"This is very rare that we're here today on something like this," said Jacki Kelley, Jefferson County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman. "Foreclosures, we've experienced a lot in the last 18, 22, 24 months. But to this level, this is extremely rare where we find somebody who simply won't leave."

Rothe's girlfriend, Paula Stinton, told 7NEWS she moved out last year because he was "very paranoid. (He) thinks everyone's out to get him."

Deputies told 7NEWS that Rothe's family helped negotiate the surrender.

A background check by 7NEWS found Rothe was convicted on misdemeanor sexual assault charges in August.

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