'Spider bursts out of banana' video goes viral with 3.7 million views, freaks out arachnophobes

Relax, it's fake

Arachnophobes will be glad to know a scary video of a spider emerging from a banana is a fake.

CGI expert Kaleb Lechowski, of Berlin, created the video and posted it on YouTube on June 12. The "Spider bursts out of a banana" has been viewed more than 3.7 million times since then.

So how did he make it so realistic?

"I used a chopstick to pierce the banana from behind," he told Buzzfeed. "Then I removed the stick from the image and inserted a spider that I created, using Blender, the 3D software."

A tipoff is that the banana moves each time the "spider" pushes on the skin of the banana.

Lechowski said it took three days to make the 1:17 video.

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