Sources: Evidence Indicates Holmes Acted Alone

Only One Item Of Batman Paraphernalia Found In Apartment

Sources familiar with the investigation into the Aurora theater shooting say nothing removed from the apartment of 24-year-old suspect James Holmes indicates that he had an accomplice.

The FBI has yet to analyze the contents of the computers and hard-drives removed from Holmes' apartment and they say it could take weeks to do so.

Sources also tell 7NEWS there is no indication from his apartment that Holmes was obsessed with Batman. With the exception of a Batman mask, no other paraphernalia was found.

In regard to Holmes' booby-trapped apartment, sources say he used flammables like gasoline possibly designed to burn it down.

Since the FBI completed its investigation with the apartment Saturday, an Aurora Police spokesperson says police, members of the District Attorney's office and prosecutor's team now have access.

Meanwhile, residents still wait for the opportunity to return to their homes.

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