Snowboarder Still Missing On Berthoud Pass

Man's Friends Reported Him Missing On Monday

The search for a missing snowboarder on Berthoud Pass will likely continue Wednesday morning.

Search and rescue crews in Grand County went out at 8 a.m. Tuesday to look for 26-year-old Jeffrey Miller and his dog, the Grand County Sheriff's Office said. Miller is from the Winter Park/Fraser area.

Miller's friend reported him missing Monday afternoon.

The friend reported that he and Miller were snowboarding past an area called the fingers when a small slide occurred near them. The friend looked back and saw Miller and his dog behind him. The friend snowboarded down a short distance further and looked back and said he could no longer see Miller or his dog. The friend continued down the drainage, caught a ride back to the top and snowboarded the drainage two more times looking for Miller, but was unable to find him.

U.S. Highway 40 Berthoud Pass was closed to traffic on Monday because of adverse weather conditions and extremely gusty winds.

Blowing and drifting snow made it virtually impossible for searchers to continue looking for the man Monday evening.

Tuesday at noon, Berthoud Pass remained closed primarily due to search and rescue operations in the area, Colorado Department of Transportation officials said. Avalanche work is expected to continue on the west side.

About 41 searchers made up of Grand County Search and Rescue members along with friends and volunteers earched most of Tuesday. The search will continue Wednesday, weather permitting.