Sheriff Suspends School Board Member's Gun Permit

Board Member Wants To Carry Gun To School Board Meetings

The Weld County Sheriff's Office has temporarily suspended the concealed weapons permit of a Greeley-Evans School Board member after he was accused of threatening a "shootout" with a business rival.

The District 6 Board of Education earlier held an emergency work session Wednesday to debate its district gun policy.

On Tuesday, board member Brett Reese said he was going to start carrying a gun to future school board members because he was getting death threats.

Reese said the threats started after he began airing a commentary about Martin Luther King Jr. on his radio station that calls King a "sexual degenerate, an America-hating communist and a criminal traitor of even his own people."

Under the current district policy, Reese cannot carry a handgun on school sites, but he is allowed to on other district-owned facilities such as the district administration building, according to John Gates, director of safety and security for the district.

Board members told Reese they are not comfortable with the idea of him carrying a gun, according to the Greeley Tribune.

The newspaper said the board directed Superintendent Ranelle Lang to write a policy banning dangerous weapons from all school property, in district vehicles and at district-sponsored activities.

The board will vote on the policy at a special meeting on Jan. 20.

The school board held Wednesday's meeting at Heiman Elementary School to prevent Reese from bringing his gun.

Reese is the owner of KELS Radio. The general manager of KFKA Radio in Greeley has filed for a restraining order against Reese after he said Reese left a threatening message on his company voice mail.

Justin Sasso said Reese complained about sales representatives from KFKA contacting advertisers on KELS and said Reese threatened a "shootout" over the practice.

As a result, the sheriff's office suspended Reese's concealed weapon permit temporarily until the restraining order request could be ruled on.