Sexting Case Sends Deputies To Chaparral High

At Least 4 Phones Seized To Prevent Pictures From Going Viral

A warrant was served Tuesday afternoon at Chaparral High School to seize four phones involved in a sexting case, the sheriff's office said.

The case involved only juveniles, and no teachers or adults were involved, said Douglas County Sheriff's Deputy Greg Howden.

The sheriff's office wants to "secure the phones that are used in it before the sexting goes viral," said Howden.

Howden said he believed a student reported the sexting to a school resource officer, who reported it to the sheriff's office.

The sheriff's office didn't say what was on the phones but it most likely involved pictures, Howden said.

Randy Barber, a Douglas County Schools spokesman, said the warrant to seize property was served just before school ended, around 3 p.m.

No arrests were made, Barber said.

Douglas County Schools has a policy to address this issue but the policy is in regards to obscene photos -- no matter the medium, Barber said.

Barber said he doesn't know what disciplinary action will be taken against the students involved, since the investigation is ongoing.

Some students and parents did not seem surprised the school is the focus of a sexting investigation.

"It's just such a part of the high school culture," said Lincoln Ward, a student at Chaparral High School who said he does not approve of the activity.

He said a guest speaker recently came to the school to talk about the dangers and life-long consequences it can have, including possible criminal charges.

"He talked about ways in which things you send to just one friend can spread," said Ward. "And people were shocked."

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