Several Injured As Winds Send Breck Event Tent Flying

Weather Anomaly Happened Sunday Afternoon In Breckenridge

Several people were injured in Breckenridge Sunday afternoon when a microburst lifted a large event tent, where musicians were playing.

MyReporter Cate Whitcomb said the tent was lifted about 150 feet into the air and eventually landed on the roof of a building on Main Street.

Two or three people were hit by the tent and other objects that went flying, she said.

Paramedics tended to a young boy and man who were injuried.

Several vendors reported damage to their artwork as a result of the wind.

The fire department had to use a ladder truck to remove the tent from the roof of the building.

7NEWS Chief Meteorologist Mike Nelson said winds were clocked at 60 mph in Breckenridge at the time.

Main Street was hosting the Great Divide Arts Festival.

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