Serial Rape Suspect Connected To Washington Case

Marc O'Leary Jailed On $5 Million Cash Bond

Investigators are trying to determine if a man accused of sexual assault on a woman in Golden is responsible for three other sexual assaults in the metro area.

Marc O'Leary now sits behind bars at the Jefferson County Jail on a $5 million cash bond.

According to O'Leary's arrest warrant, a sexual assault in Golden, one in Aurora and one in Westminster are all connected, based on a partial DNA match.

None of the victims ever saw the suspect's face. Documents said he wore a black facial covering.

The Golden attack lasted for four hours. The arrest affidavit said O'Leary tied her up with items he may have stolen from the victim's home on another day. It stated he forced her to dress up in thigh highs and high heels that he brought with him. The document stated O'Leary took photographs with a camera he brought in a bag.

"I was so concerned," said Richard Rude, who lived across the street from O'Leary. "We live here and my wife is here by herself a lot."

Rude was home when police and the SWAT team moved in on O'Leary's home. Investigators issued a search warrant and arrested O'Leary while Rude watched from across the street.

"(Law enforcement) didn't want to tell me much at all, but then we saw them take out bag after bag after bag of things out of there," said Rude.

The search of O'Leary's home uncovered a memory card that police claim contains hundreds of pictures O'Leary took of his victims. One of the victims was a woman from Lynwood, Wash.

When that 18-year-old woman from Washington filed her sexual assault report police thought she was lying. She was charged with filing a false report.

"The fact she went a couple of years with no one believing her is horrible," said Cmdr. Steve Rider.

Rider said his department is working to get the charges against the woman thrown out and file charges against O'Leary for the crime.

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