September 3, 2006: Heroes Give Sanctuary To Abused Farm Animals

7Everyday Heroes Chris and Michelle Alley-Grubb offer a sanctuary to abused farm animals and animals once headed for the slaughter house.

Chris and Michelle head up the Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary in Deer Trail, Colo. It is the perfect place for the pair of volunteers and their 200 or so family members.

"At the moment we have a couple hundred birds, mostly chickens, but we also have ducks, and geese, we have a swan," said Michelle.

Life on the farm can get pretty busy, especially when you have a few hundred mouths to feed.

"We've also got goats, sheep, cattle, pigs, farm pigs, pot-bellied pigs," said Michelle.

Chris and Michelle started the sanctuary in 1998.

"It's free roam. Everybody can kind of come and go as they please," said Michelle.

"It's my refuge," said Chris. "It's my pride and joy. "It's my reason for being."

"To see their personalities come out the way they were always suppose to be. It's one of the most fulfilling things you could ever see," said Michelle.

"So we just do it because it needs to be done," said Chris.

Chris and Michelle run the sanctuary despite both having full-time jobs.

"They give compassion to those who truly need it, not to those who they happen to like or find attractive," said friend Joanna Lewis.

They are both dedicated volunteers and have given so much to so many animals.

"These two will give the shirt off their back to any living creature," said friend Amanda Groves.

For more information on the Peaceful Prairie Sancturay, visit

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