Self-Proclaimed Suspect In JonBenet Ramsey Case Now In Art Show

Photograph Of John Mark Karr In Santa Barbara Museum Of Art

The man who claimed he killed JonBenet Ramsey is now part of an art exhibit at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art.

A photograph of John Mark Karr shows him looking at his reflection in a mirror.

It's part of exhibit called New Faces of the Collection. The museum's website said the exhibit celebrates the range of themes, styles and approaches to the contemporary photographic portrait while exploring the introspective nature of portraiture.

"Rather than presenting the viewer with the facts about a person, these portraits provoke inquiry and engage the viewer in a dialogue. What can we learn from a portrait? What do we read into a portrait?" the website about the exhibit asks.

The photographers, Carlos and Jason Sanchez, took the photo in 2007, the year after Karr told police he was with Ramsey when she died. DNA evidence proved he was lying. Karr is the only person arrested in connection with Ramsey's murder.

The artists who photographed Karr said he told them he wanted actor Johnny Depp to play him in a movie.

The New Faces of the Collection exhibit opened in May. It closes Sept. 18.

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