Search Warrant Offers Clues In Girl's Disappearance

Police Conduct Search Related To Man Who Gave Kenia Monge Ride Home On Night She Disappeared

As a family makes another plea for the safe return of their missing daughter, 7NEWS uncovers information about what clues police are following.

The parents of 19-year-old Kenia Monge met with the media and spoke directly to the person they think may have their daughter.

"Whoever has her, please bring her back home," said Monge's mom, Maria Lee. "Whoever has my Kenia, please, let my baby go. We need her so much. I need her. Every single day I'm thinking about her. Every single night, I can't sleep without her."

Denver police did not have an update to the investigation. 7NEWS asked the family what detectives had been telling them.

"I know they're following leads, and they haven't told me about any of the leads and they don't have to," said Tony Lee, Monge's dad.

He said police told the family Monge's disappearance is still a top priority.

"We've gotten a lot of calls and a lot emails from people all over the country who are wanting to assist and wanting to help in any way with getting Kenia back home," said Tony.

Monge was last seen on April 1 at a nightclub in Downtown Denver.

7NEWS has obtained a copy of a search warrant Denver police filed in connection with her disappearance.

It describes police researching evidence connected to a man who has admitted to giving Monge a ride the night she disappeared. He said he dropped her off a gas station off at Speer Boulevard and Pennsylvania Street and watched her walk away with another man.

According to search warrant, the man sent Monge a text on the evening of April 1. 7NEWS is not naming the man because he has not been charged with any crime. The text message read, "Hey, this is (name), the guy who gave you a ride last night, white creepy van :) did you get home okay?"

The search warrant also details police searching the man's van. The officer reported seeing and smelling what seemed like new carpet. The man's friend who was with him the night they picked up Monge told police when he was last in the van on April 1, there was a black rubber mat covering the floor.

Police also went to a bakery in Denver where the man rents space. The owner of the building told police that she found the security system turned off. The owner said the video showed the man turning the video off on the evening of April 1. She said he was wearing what appeared to be a latex glove up to his elbow.

An employee of a neighboring business told police that he saw two or three men standing behind the bakery on the night of April 1, burning materials in a 55 gallon barrel.

Police took a yellow rubber glove and a metal barrel into evidence.

The officer who filed the search warrant termed the investigation a "very suspicious missing persons case."

"We want to make sure everyone understands to keep the faith. Until we have her and there is an answer to whatever questions, you can't give up hope," said Tony. "We know that somebody is keeping her from contacting us."

Her dad even had a lighthearted moment passing along a message from Monge's younger brother.

"Kenia, if you're out there and you're listening, I have a message from your little brother, 'When you get home, you're going to get a spanking.'"

Anyone with information about Monge's disappearance should call their local police.

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