Search Dogs Called To CU Research Buildings

3 Buildings Under Voluntary Evacuation

Police have evacuated two research buildings at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus where the suspect in the Colorado shootings was a graduate student.

University of Colorado-Denver Police Chief Doug Abraham sent a campus-wide email Friday ordering all non-essential personnel to leave the campus or stay home.

Abraham says it's a precaution and there is no reason to believe staff or students are at risk. The evacuation order is in effect until 6 a.m. Saturday.

The suspect, James Holmes, was studying for a PhD in neuroscience at the university until recently.

CU-Denver confirmed that Holmes took classes for one year and was in the process of withdrawing from the graduate program.

Abraham says Holmes' building access was terminated in June and that he was in the process of completing withdrawal paperwork.

As a precaution, search dogs are being brought in to look for anything suspicions, said spokeswoman Erika Matich.

Matich said there is no reason to believe there's any danger or threat. Officials just want be cautions.

Holmes was arrested outside the theater with several guns, said Aurora police.

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