School's 'You're Failing' Message Sent To All Students

Parents Of Hinkley High Students Get Message Meant For Failing Students

Parents of students at Hinkley High School got a surprise phone message from the school Monday night, advising them that their student was failing in one or more classes.

The phone messages should have gone only to students who were actually failing -- not the entire student body.

Aurora Public Schools spokeswoman Paula Hans told 7NEWS the problem was quickly corrected and a new phone message was sent out Tuesday morning that advised parents the message was sent by mistake.

Hans said the school was "experimenting" with its automated phone system when the mass phone call went out. It advised parents to contact their students' teachers for a conference on their failing grades.

"Some people got straight A's and they got called," said student Kari Smith. “Their parents were yelling at them and they got in trouble and it wasn't even their fault.”

Honors student John Reeves said the phone call surprised his parents and sent him into a panic.

“You get that kind of call, you get really worked up and you think, ‘What'd I do wrong? What'd I do wrong?’” said Reeves.

The principal of the school, Jinger Haberer, released a statement saying, "Yesterday at Hinkley High School, we attempted to contact parents of students who are currently failing a class. Unfortunately, we made an error when we programmed our automated call system and the message was sent to all Hinkley parents. When we realized the error, we sent another call to all parents informing them of the error and apologizing.

We believe our automated call system has been and will continue to be an effective way to reach parents. We again apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused our families. We work hard to keep parents engaged in student learning."

"“It doesn't make any sense,” said parent Sheri Devita. “Obviously there's a lack of communication.”

Hinkley is the same school where several members of the soccer team were suspended for sexually hazing a student, and also where police were investigating an alleged assault after a student attacked a substitute teacher for taking away her cell phone.

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