School Board Member Broadcasting Attack On MLK Jr.

Man Owns Radio Station

A member of the Greeley-Evans School District 6 Board of Education is broadcasting an attack on the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. on his radio station.

Brett Reese reads a listener's letter on 104.7 FM Pirate radio that calls the slain civil rights leader a sexual degenerate, a communist and modern-day plastic god.

"Just a sexual degenerate, an America hating communist and a criminal betrayer of even the interest of his own people," Reese says in his radio broadcast.

"His name isn't really Martin Luther King Jr.," Reese continues.

When asked if this was an appropriate broadcast for a school board member, Reese responds, "It's ... you know what? That's a good question."

Some parents say it's out of line.

"He could be talking about loss of teacher control in our classrooms, loss of recess for elementary students. Instead he chooses this and it's just disappointing," said parent Melissa Jones.

Reese said this particular broadcast has been on the air for three years, but recently it's being broadcast twice a day.

"I guess, personally, I believe in the message, the general message of what this letter is about," Reese said.

Parents in his school district are embarrassed by his broadcast.

"In my opinion I think Greeley is a great town. I think we have people like this that represent it in such a poor way that make it look bad," said parent Angela Mills.

The parents 7NEWS spoke with want Reese to resign.

"He has no business being on the board of education in a town with a huge Hispanic population," said Jones.

Reese said he's not going to step down. He will continue broadcasting that commentary every day up to the MLK holiday on Jan. 17.

On Monday night, Reese walked out of a school board meeting after the board agreed on a resolution acknowledging Reese's right to free speech, but decrying his message.

The website said a similar letter criticizing King has been circulating since 2003.