Ruling Expected Monday On Holmes Gag Order

News Organizations Challenging Order Restricting Court Documents

An Arapahoe County judge may rule Monday on a request from several news organizations to unseal portions of the case against theater shooting suspect James Holmes.

Chief Judge William Sylvester issued a gag order just a few days after the mass shooting at the Century 16 theater.

The order covers the Aurora Police Department and the University of Colorado, where Holmes once attended as a graduate student.

The order has prevented Aurora police from answering even routine questions about their investigation.

Last week, about 20 news organizations, including 7NEWS, asked the judge to loosen some of the gag order.

Prosecutors say releasing documents could jeopardize their case against Holmes, who faces 24 counts of first-degree murder and 116 counts of attempted first-degree murder.

Steven Zansberg, the Denver lawyer representing the news organizations, said releasing the documents is important for the public to see justice is being done and to learn more about what Holmes' motives in the shooting were.

Sylvester could rule as early as Monday.

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