Robot vs. Robot Snarls Denver Traffic

Toy Robot Detonated After Examination By Bomb Squad Robot

A toy robot cemented to a footbridge next to Coors Field was blown up by the Denver Bomb Squad on Wednesday night.

The robot was reported by a motorist just before 3:30 p.m.

Police said the toy was "crudely" attached with cement to the base of a pillar supporting a pedestrian bridge near 20th and Wazee streets.

Denver Police Spokesman Matt Murray said that when officers noticed the robot cemented to the pillar, they thought it was highly unusual and called in the bomb squad as a precaution.

Police closed 20th Street beside Coors Field so the bomb squad could send in their own robot to check out the suspicious device.

The robot standoff continued into the rush hour, snarling traffic around Coors Field.

The bomb squad robot sent back pictures of the toy robot before a Denver Bomb Squad officer then approached the plastic toy wearing protective gear. He then attached a small explosive to it and backed away.

The explosive was detonated about 5:30 p.m., sending pieces of the toy robot onto 20th Street.

There was no indication why the toy had been cemented to the pillar, Murray said.