Report: Longmont Teen Lied About Fishy Details

Isaac Sprecher Caught Big Bass At Pella Crossing

A teenager in Longmont's lie about where he caught a large striped bass fish will cost him the state record.

Isaac Sprecher's mom told 7NEWS in April that her son had caught a 40-pound fish in Longmont.

When 7NEWS contacted Colorado Parks and Wildlife to verify the story last month, officials said they had to conduct an investigation into whether the fish story was true before any records would be announced.

When investigators couldn't verify the catch location, the Longmont Times Call said Sprecher admitted the fish wasn't caught at Longmont's McIntosh Lake, but rather at Pella Crossing near Hygiene where anglers are required to release large and smallmouth bass.

While Sprecher apologized for not being honest, he told the newspaper he is planning to have the fish mounted.

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