Report: Lisl Auman Released From Halfway House

Woman Once Convicted In Denver Officer Slaying

Lisl Auman, the Denver woman who once faced a lifetime prison sentence for the shooting death of a Denver police officer, has been released from a halfway house, according to published reports Tuesday.

The Rocky Mountain News reported that Auman left Tooley Hall in the past week.

Denver Community Corrections assistant director Greg Mauro told the newspaper that Auman, 29, will be under close supervision for the next nine years, as part of her parole agreement.

After her release from prison, Auman had been held for six months in the halfway house. She is required to live in the metro area as part of her parole.

Auman was originally convicted of felony murder in 1998 in the death of Officer Bruce Vanderjagt. The officer was shot to death by Matthaus Jaehnig, a skinhead who had helped Auman burglarize a Jefferson County residence where her belongings were held by a former roommate.

On Nov. 12, 1997, a report of a burglary in progress led to a high-speed chase down U.S. Highway 285 into Denver. During the chase, Jaehnig fired shots at pursuing law enforcement officers. When Jaehnig and Auman stopped their car at a Denver apartment complex, Auman surrendered, but Jaehnig took cover and continued exchanging shots with police.

When Jaehnig shot Vanderjagt, Auman was handcuffed in the back of a police car. Jaehnig took his own life and Auman was charged with the officer's murder. The district attorney said her actions directly led to Vanderjagt's death.

The Colorado Supreme Court overturned Auman's conviction and ordered a new trial. Before the trial was to begin, Aurman's lawyers reached a plea bargain with prosecutors that allowed her to serve 20 years in a community corrections program in Denver, including six months at Tooley Hall halfway house, with credit given for the nearly eight years she'd already served in prison before her conviction was overturned.

Auman's case attracted national attention because she was serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. Celebrities including Sean Penn, Johnny Depp, Benecio Del Toro and the late Hunter S. Thompson came out in support of Auman.

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