Report: Drunken Baby 'Likes' Wine

Mother Ticketed In Incident

A Boulder County mother was ticketed on suspicion of child abuse after her 17-month-old son became drunk from drinking wine, a police report said.

Lisa Shattuck, 38, of Erie was cited for criminally negligent child abuse, a misdemeanor, after the Sunday incident. Police said this was not the first time the toddler had been given wine.

According to the police report, Shattuck told an emergency room nurse that her son "likes red wine" and he had given him "sips" of it on previous occasions.

That's why, police said, Social Services was called in to investigate.

Shattuck took her son to Good Samaritan Medical Center in Lafayette, Colo., because he was alternating between being unresponsive and vomiting, medical personnel said. The baby's blood-alcohol level was found to be .195 percent. The legal limit for driving in Colorado is .08 percent.

"I've seen infants show up in the emergency room with alcohol in their blood. I've also seen infants show up with even worse in their blood -- cocaine, methamphetamine," said Lt. Lee Mathis of the Erie Police Department. "But I can't recall a time when I've had one that was quite that high."

The police report said Shattuck is quoted as saying she was "super busy" and that the child had "gotten into her wine" while they were at their home in Erie.

"Most infants and most children don't enjoy the taste of alcohol," said Mathis. "So there was concern that maybe this wasn't an accident -- oops the baby took a sip of wine, that maybe this is something the mother does from time to time."

"(For him) to not to be comatose at that stage, maybe (he) would of had to have a tolerance," said Denver Health emergency room physician Kerry Broderick.

Broderick said the boy must have been in severe distress.

"That's hard to imagine that the child wouldn't be comatose," said Broderick. "I'll have adults with blood alcohol levels of .195 and lots of times they are totally unconscious."

The boy was released from the hospital Monday morning.

Shattuck's attorney said neither parent allowed their son to drink any wine or gave him any wine to drink at any time. The parents maintain the information in the police report is inaccurate.

Boulder County Social Services will follow up with the family, the police report stated.

Broderick said alcohol can be detrimental to infants since they are developing their brain and nervous system. It can affect babies' learning and cognitive abilities.

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