Relatives Anguish As Victims Of Shooting Identified

Police Say 12 Killed, 58 Hurt In Mass Shooting

It took 19 hours before Anita Busch learned that her cousin, Micayla Medek, was among the 12 people killed by a gunman at an Aurora movie theater Friday.

Busch told CNN she thought the delay was "agonizing" and, "I thought just outright cruel to all the victims' families."

Families of the victims had not been notified until late Friday night because of the time it took police to investigate the shooting scene at the Century 16 theater.

As relatives raced from hospital to hospital looking for missing loved ones, some already knew the answer.

Jordan Ghawi wrote on his blog that his sister, Jessica, died in the shooting.

Jessica Redfield was an aspiring sports writer in her mid-20s. She had narrowly escaped another mass shooting in Toronto just last month.

Her brother wrote on his blog Friday, "The outpouring of support for my family is overwhelming. Hearing from people from all of the world. My family thanks you."

Grief counselors will be available at Range View and Hinkley high schools beginning at 9 a.m.

7NEWS has also learned Alex Sullivan was killed in the shooting.

His family released a statement Friday night saying, "The Sullivan family lost a cherished member of their family today. Alex was smart, funny and above all loved dearly by his friends and family."

Friday was Sullivan's 27th birthday, the statement said.

In a facebook message, Sullivan wrote about how excited he was to see the Batman movie.

"#TheDarkKnightRises OMG COUNTING down till it start can't wait going to be the best birthday ever," Sullivan said.

Matt McQuinn has also been identified as one of the victims, 7NEWS has learned.

You can send a message of condolence to the victims of the shooting on our message board.

People have written in from around the world including Gail Richardson of London, England who said "My heart goes out to the families and friends of the victims, the people caught up injured physically and mentally in the mayhem and to the police and other services who rushed to help the wounded in this tragic and utterly mindless act of selfish madness. Prayers and love being sent across the sea."

Marissa Malouff of Denver wrote, "I hope that you know that all of your Colorado neighbors love you and have your back. In the wake of these unfathomable events, we will mourn with you and keep you all in our thoughts and prayers."


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