Real Estate Agent Raped While Showing Off House

Brandon Bradshaw Accused Of Assault

A real estate agent was raped while showing a house to a man posing as a potential buyer and now the suspect is in custody, the Weld County Sheriff's Office said Monday.

Brandon J. Bradshaw, 51, of Denver, is accused of the assault. He was arrested Monday morning at a motel in Wheat Ridge.

"There was a short foot pursuit. He was then apprehended after the short foot pursuit," said investigator Vicki Harbert, with the Weld County Sheriff's Office.

He is currently being held in the Jefferson County Jail and had a warrant out for parole violation, the Weld County Sheriff's Office said.

Deputies say the rape occurred Friday in a house in a rural southeastern Weld County, but investigators won't say where. The woman told detectives that she was showing the house to the suspect when he proceeded to rape her inside the house that was for sale.

There are a number of realtors in Hudson and Keenseburg who know the victim, including Christina Roskop.

"She's a friend of mine and I'm glad she's letting everyone know about this so we can catch this guy," Roskop said.

After this attack, other realtors in the area are taking steps to protect themselves. Roskup's husband told her not to show property to anyone alone at night.

"I suggested she get a concealed weapons permit and carry a pistol in her pocket, or in her purse. I think, if anything, it would be a deterrent," said Leonard Roskop.

A similar attack occurred in Denver's Park Hill neighborhood in August of 2003.

Police arrested John Mac Wiles for attacking a couple and their realtor while they were looking at a home near 22nd and Dahlia. Police say Wiles duct-taped the victims then sexually assaulted one of them.

Wiles was sentenced to 84 years to life in prison for kidnapping, sexual assault, and other charges.

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